HyperLedger Fabric

Hyperledger Fabric Deployment

Orderer works in Solo mode for developers and in Production mode will be implemented using Apache Kafka for scalability. For more details on "How Hyperledger Fabric works, checkout this presentation. All the certificates are managed by the CA (Certificate Authority).

Problem Statement


Business face extreme difficulty in multi party data reconciliation resulting in having a very

  • Expensive
  • Vulnerable
  • Inefficient 

Process to maintain the "Systems of Record" 

Solution Blockchain Provides


Trusted, Transparent, Shared Ledger with the implementation of Smart Contracts to handle the transactions which spans across multiple parties with various roles. This results in 

  • Consensus among the parties for committing the transactions.
  • Immutable Systems of Record
  • Provenance (Origin of the Asset)
  • Finality (Single Source of Truth)

OleBloc SE Features


Assets and User Identity Canvas

A Visual Drag and Drop UI is provided to Build the Assets and Add Users to the Shared Ledger.


  • The exchange of almost anything with monetary value over the (distributed ledger) network, from consumer durables to whole foods to antique cars to currency futures. 
  • Represented as a collection of key-value pairs, with state changes recorded as transactions on a Channel ledger. 
  • Assets can be represented in binary and/or JSON form.
  • Key-Value Database or a much richer JSON Document NOSQL (CouchDB) Databases can be used for storing Assets.


Endorsement Policies and Chaincode Canvas

A Drag and Drop Canvas is provided to Build your Endorsement Policies and generate the Chain code. 

  • Transaction state can be changed based on incoming events from the existing Enterprise Legacy system provided the event is validated against all the policies available in the Chaincode. 
  • Rule Builder Canvas help the architect  / Business Analyst / Developer to create Complex Policies / Business rules which will be transformed into Chaincode format and compiled/build in the Code Pipeline


Code Pipeline

Using a Visual Drag and Drop Canvas, the developer can create the Deployment model for Hyperledger Fabric. 

  • Deployment model supports Orderer in Solo mode and in Kafka Mode for the production scalability.
  • Code Pipeline ensures that the Chaincode is compiled and ready for deployment.

OleBloc EE Features


Integration Studio

Integrate with existing Enterprise Systems to link with Assets in various other capacities. 

Protocols Supported

  • JMS / Web Sockets / TCP
  • MQTT / CoAP / AMQP
  • JDBC / File / RMI


World State Analysis

Rapidly Develop World State Analysis Dashboards using Amexio Canvas.

  • Responsive UI
  • Supports Web and Smart Devices
  • Hybrid App - Android / iOS Devices


Distributed Ledger Management

Gives a key insight into the performance stats of the Distributed Ledger.

  • Peer Load and Health
  • Block Stats
  • Network Usage Stats