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Blockchain Future

Blockchain is already transforming the Global Financial industry and its impact is felt elsewhere, from Supply chain efficiency and transparency to transactional trust and Security. Already more than 2500 Blockchain related patents have been filed. 

Year 2020

In the next two years 30% of Blockchain proof of concept will get green light to go production and will become the key disruptive standard in multiparty complex agreements.

Financial, Supply Chain will lead the way along with Health care and retail. 

HyperLedger Fabric

With the support of Linux Foundation and from IBM, Oracle and other industry stalwarts, Fabric will play a very critical role in Enterprise Blockchain Solutions.

Data based on Oracle's Cloud Predictions for 2018

Business Requirements

Privacy / Transparency


  • Transactions are secure, authenticated and access controls are enabled for granular access.
  • Private channels are essential for the certain type of contracts between parties to ensure that the confidentiality is maintained. 



  • All the transactions are verified and endorsed by the trusted relevant parties.
  • All the transactions are digitally signed to verify the identity of the user.

Shared Ledger and Smart Contracts


  • Append only immutable database shared across the business network.
  • Business logic is embedded within the database and executed to validate and store the transactions.